Business Sweden connects GTA delegates to Stockholm’s Thriving Tech & Business Community!

The Global Tech Africa (GTA) team recently participated in a Tech & Digitalisation Delegation program and visit to Sweden, facilitated by Business Sweden. This program was a crucial milestone in enhancing the collaboration between both organizations and deepening the insights into Sweden’s tech and business landscape. Further objectives include:

  • Introducing Nigeria’s vibrant tech landscape to the Swedish counterparts.
  • Uncovering  potential investment opportunities that could benefit both countries. 
  • Learning from Sweden’s structured support for technology development, aiming to adapt relevant solutions within Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

Key Highlights and Engagements

The program commenced with a visit to Epicenter, a dynamic organization dedicated to cultivating innovation and fostering collaboration among entrepreneurs and businesses. As a bustling hub, Epicenter is home to Sweden’s leading tech players and entrepreneurs, hosting workshops, seminars, and serving as a pivotal nexus for investors and innovators alike. 

Jack Melcher-Claësson, Head of Accelerate, treated the GTA delegates to an enlightening presentation, sharing Epicenter’s remarkable journey and Sweden’s transformation strategy.  

During the visit, GTA delegates actively engaged in discussions and embarked on a tour of Epicenter, immersing themselves in its vibrant and innovative ecosystem. Anthonia Adenaya Huard and Natalie Thiel from Business Sweden: Ademola Idowu, Co-Founder VGG and Dr. Inya Lawal, Convener GTA; shared invaluable insights into Nigeria’s dynamic tech landscape. 

Various stakeholders were engaged, discussing the potential for creating special programs that would introduce Nigerian entrepreneurs to Swedish investment and mentorship opportunities, serving as a catalyst for tech-driven economic growth.

These discussions and presentations focused on identifying investment prospects and exploring the feasibility of emulating Epicenter’s success in Lagos, potentially through collaboration with the Lagos State Government.

Finally, there was a presentation to Member Companies of the Epicenter, Business Finland and other representatives from the Swedish Government and Tech ecosystem.

Next visit was The Park Sodra, a tech hub that extends its facilities to a wide array of businesses, from startups to established enterprises.  Mikael Ahlstrom, CEO & Founder, passionately shared the essence of the park, offering us a glimpse into the heart of Swedish innovation. 

The discussions explored the structuring of tech hubs and how such environments foster innovation. 

The key highlight of the day was the interactive sessions with an array of Swedish companies that presented their innovative offerings and their areas of mutual interest. These include:

  • Enablers of Sweden: which addresses entrepreneur challenges, provides venture capital solutions.
  • Pangea Trust: an accelerator & investment platform for African startups, connecting with global investors.
  • Anekdote: which automates app development, offers ongoing management, support, and updates.
  • Binogi: an educational platform with 1400+ multilingual videos aligned with the curriculum.
  • Ringtail Interactive: which develops intelligent platforms and digital solutions for multiplayer gaming.
  • Mentalytics: which enhances focus, delivers trackable results through innovative technology solutions.
  • Mentatt: which improves workplace mental health, enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

Subsequently, was a visit to Almi, which revealed the essential role government support plays in nurturing business growth. Almi is known for its financial assistance programs and investment platforms. The organization’s approach to investments and loans for tech companies is something Nigeria could adapt.. Almi’s model demonstrates the power of having a solid backing by government entities and tailored financial products to accelerate growth in the tech sector.

A key highlight of the day also was the interactive sessions with an array of Swedish companies that presented their innovative offerings. These include:

  • Agridrone Sweden AB: Revolutionizing agriculture with drone-based soil and plant analysis for sustainability.
  • Mobile Casting Sweden AB: Modernizing film industry casting with micropayment-enabled talent matching via app.
  • Yrselcenter Geisler Medical AB: Telemedical solution diagnosing vertigo by analyzing eye movements through mobile tech.
  • Biosquare: Creating sustainable impact video games influencing real-world environmental projects.
  • Inomet AB: Designing customized wear solutions enhancing productivity with patented technologies.

The final day featured a stimulating discussion with Per Stromback, the voice of the Swedish Games Industry. Per shared valuable insights into the global gaming landscape and discussed the opportunities for Nigerian game developers to make their market international. This meeting highlighted the potential for collaborative game development including educational exchanges and also set the stage for potentially taking the Nigerian gaming industry global for international market.

These visits and interactions have laid the groundwork for future collaborations, including the Swedish-Nigeria initiatives proposed for the upcoming GTA 2024 Conference and other follow-up activities aimed at directly connecting Swedish companies with the Nigerian market and facilitating the entry of Nigerian businesses into Sweden. Exciting times lie ahead as these initiatives promise to forge new pathways for cross-border innovation and partnership.

Following the visit, GTA will be preparing to host delegates from Sweden at the 2024 conference.