Welcome to Deal Room

Welcome to the heart of opportunity at the GTA Conference 2024.The Deal Room is a dynamic hub where connections ignite and possibilities unfold. Here you discover tailored solutions, forge strategic alliances, and make deals that redefine success with every interaction propelling you towards your next big breakthrough.


Why Apply as an Entrepreneur

  • Access: Connect with a curated selection of elite investors actively seeking innovative startups and entrepreneurial ventures to invest in.

  • Accelerate: Secure funding and strategic partnerships to fuel the growth and expansion of your startup or business.

  • Unlock: Tap into seasoned investors' knowledge (expertise), networks, and resources to overcome challenges and scale your venture to new heights.

  • Much More: Gain exposure and visibility for your startup within the GTA Deal Room community and beyond, increasing your chances of securing investment and partnerships.

How it Works

  • Submit: Complete our straightforward application form to provide key details about your startup, including your business model, market opportunity, and funding needs.

  • Pitch: When your application is shortlisted, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of experienced investors during the GTA Deal Room event.

  • Matchmaking: The TWG will work to match you with investors who have expressed interest in ventures like yours, facilitating meaningful connections and discussions.

  • Secure the Bag: Engage with interested investors, negotiate terms, and secure the funding and support needed to take your startup to the next level.