NITDA, US Consulate partner on tech development (Punch Newspaper).

In a monumental stride towards propelling Africa into the global tech spotlight, the US Consulate has forged an innovative partnership with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). Together, they are set to unveil the much-anticipated Global Tech Africa summit.

Crafted with passion and purpose by the visionary minds behind the Future Map Foundation and Ascend Studios Foundation, this summit promises to be a game-changer. Its mission? To unite the brightest minds from across Africa and the world, fostering collaboration, unveiling growth avenues, and nurturing the burgeoning tech ecosystem on the continent.

Mark your calendars for a day of electrifying insights and groundbreaking revelations, as the summit descends upon the vibrant city of Lagos on July 25. The energy is palpable, and the prospects are limitless.

Joining this pioneering venture are a distinguished lineup of partners, each a powerhouse in their own right. From the illustrious Business Sweden to the dynamic Venture Garden Group and the trailblazing RivExcel Health, these partners are poised to amplify the impact of Global Tech Africa.

Following the much-anticipated Global Tech Africa (GTA) summit on July 25, a grand follow-up event is on the horizon. The GTA Conference is set to dazzle Lagos from November 17 to 20, promising an immersive experience in the world of cutting-edge technology.

Inuwa Kashifu Abdullahi, the Director General of NITDA, expressed his enthusiasm, emphasizing Nigeria’s pivotal role in steering the African tech ecosystem towards unprecedented growth. With the GTA, opportunities are boundless, and Africa is at the forefront of this tech revolution.

He said, “Nigeria’s tech prowess ignites a flame of innovation that illuminates Africa’s path towards a prosperous digital future, fostering job creation and driving economic growth across the continent. Leveraging Nigeria’s youthful and tech-savvy population, favourable legislations, and policies, the country is well positioned to become Africa’s leading digital technology hub.”